Most MEN cheat because most women are either Broke and need some form of cash/kind payments, Sex Starved, or plainly a little fun out of their lonely boring lives. Very few women Cheat with the Intent or believe that the man will leave his Wife for them!

 Recently, I finally concluded with my overtly self-opinionated logic on the beauty of women's infidelity.

Women Cheat Because They WANT to!

Most women are smart, smarter than the majority of the men. These women are attracted to intelligence, knowledge, flexibility of educated men or how successful some men are.
Most Superwomen are naturally attracted to Men with Valour, Organized men with Substance.
When women of substance interact or come in contact with such caliber of men, The CHEAT Freely.

 Most men cheat to OFFER something to a far lower caliber of women, while Most women Cheat To feel GREAT about a Far and more ambitious man than their partner and he uses it with a certain flare of Panache.

 I love the way women Cheat, They cheat because they Want to and NOT because they got some hole but because they enjoy and are attracted to Men with even greater Valour from a close neat.

This can be really hard for women like us who absolutely avoid and stay away from MEN with zero brain activity. I tell you of a truth, Smart and intelligence is a TURN ON to women with Character!

 ***Opinionated Coco Wonder*** 

 Copyright,© Collette Orji

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