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Here are some of the most popular sex positions ranging from Doggy, The Spoon, Rocker style, Lapdance, Quickie, stand and deliver, the Table top, The L style and of course the traditional missionary position, etc...please contact Kamasutra or google for details.

Religion & some churches like the Catholic church for so many years, usually preached & advised couples to practice only the missionary method as they considered most other methods Sinful. Hmmm, the sons and daughter of Anger have turned everything inside out. In short, if the man can not do acrobats, and if the woman cannot twerk in the air, they are been scored very low and their names and score points actually circulate amidst their friends.

Women, unsurprisingly, boast about their mens' prowess of zero level of performance more than men on their other hand. I have always known that most women are more promiscuous than men, and it's in times like this, topics like this among women, that women all know that truly, the desire of women to enjoy copulation grows as they age but sometimes decrease if they are married.

Older single women desire more sex than older married women. I'm sure we all can understand the stress of marriage and in most cases, motherhood greatly affects marital sex in the negative. Conflicts and couples fights make the percentage of sex in most marriage very minimal.

I was reading on some pieces of stuff, and as you all know, i'm very opinionated, and I love hitting on topics that actually affects us, and not just sing empty trash on my pages and blogs. Here is what I found out:

The tip of the cervix of women from the Vulva lips (Vagina) is probably just as-as deep as your index finger. When you are in your shower today, females, bend down, use your index finger and insert into your vagina, You will actually touch the tip of your cervix. You can't miss it because it is actually very hard. When a man fingers you and his fingers hit the cervix tip, you feel a sharp shift because its uncomfortable ( Men who stimulate their partners genitalia during sex must learn to play with the Clit & Not insert too deep or too quickly because it's uncomfortable and may cause bleeding to their partners - iT'S Not even sweet or romantic).

Dear men, You cannot just be using your fingers everywhere as if you are looking for some money that you lost in a woman's private. Take your time, know where to touch to stimulate pleasure and do things gently please, That's a human beings generation you guys are messing with like that dangerously. Please, Learn To be KIND!

Now, back to the positioning! I'm sure most of you women now know the tip of the cervix. Now, when you lie down during copulation, the cervix is pointed and opens in its best form and the cervix if not strained. Lying down as a woman, and the man on top of you - Is the safest, Healthy sex POSITION For WOMEN, But I know these daughters of Anger may want to come for me now.


It's old, it's not romantic, it's boring - that's what I hear you guys saying now, But i'm sorry, It's the safest for you women. Do You Know the part that suffers most from sex for women? THE BACK. Yes, the back. The woman on top can be very beautiful and safe too, especially as most women Orgasm more when they are On Top & I really don't know if this position affects the shape(tips) of the cervix as well. But I know this!

These many positions that you practice up and down is DESTROYING YOUR BACKS WOMEN!
Yes, it is also, affecting the tip shape of your cervix that sometimes makes it difficult for semen to flow in easily when you are trying to get pregnant.

Ask women who have had to be told that their cervix is slightly tilted. They spent so much with so much stress before they could even finally get this diagnosis in Africa.

Caused by the cervix to be very easily tilted and affected:

Dear Women, Big manhood has so many disadvantages for your private part especially if the rider is always Too Harsh, and forceful and the privates are not very lubricated or moist. Some of you need to really what goes on in hospitals and realize that Health is indeed wealth and you are responsible for what you eat.
2; Sex positions that are obviously very uncomfortable for you and painful and bruises you, gives you lacerations, and you even suffer partial bleeding. All for what? To please some man who will not marry you and You don't even enjoy the sex and you go home sick and you are ruining your future chances of a great health and maybe Motherhood if you want to.

Women, Protect your Vagina, teach the men what you want also and Pleasure is not a TABOO for you also. You were NOT born to please a man Biko. Don't let men insert their fingers too deep and rough into your vagina as if they are looking for Cashew nuts - The woman's pleasure is at the clitoris anyways.

Thanks For Reading....I am NOT your Doctor!

Opinionated Collette Orji, © All Rights Reserved.

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