Tagbo’s Death: Davido’s Ex-Manager Kamal Ajiboye Makes Cryptic Post

 Kamal Ajiboye resurfaced on social media yesterday with a cryptic post that has gotten folks wondering who he is targeting.

Posting on his page, the talent manager whose bitter split with Davido shocked many people, talked about death and being remembered for the truth.
“If I die tomorrow just remember me for my determination and hunger,” said Ajiboye who rarely posts on his social media, adding, “the truth has only a few friends.”
Recall that Davido sacked Kamal Ajiboye in January, a year after landing the $1million Sony Music deal. In his post, the singer who had been shuttling between Atlanta and Lagos talked about his frustration with chasing his dreams in the international market without making any breakthrough, adding that he was going back home.

“Fuck all that international shit! It’s cool but fuck it. I am back to the basics” Davido had said, adding, “I am my own manager in 2017! Don’t put your life in another man’s hand.”
Shortly after, his team members hopped on their pages, making more potshots at Ajiboye, some even accused him of being diabolical. Ajiboye never addressed the drama and the true reason for the split up was never made public.
It has been ten months since that drama and Ajiboye is back making cryptic posts, and fans of Davido are already getting nervous, assuming that the post was targeted at their fave.
“This one wants to join too. He's not supposed to be saying this since you know the state Davido is at the moment. You want them to come for him again, but we love Davido all the same,” said one concerned fan. Another added, “Tryna get into the spotlight with this?”

Meanwhile, the friends of Tagbo are still pointing fingers at the singer even after he released a statement and footage in an attempt to exonerate himself of the circumstances surrounding Tagbo’s death.

We can’t wait to see how this all ends.

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