Nollywood Yoruba Actress Kehinde Olorunyomi Says Feminism Irritates Hers and Her Husbandman Cannot Cheat On Her and men and women are not Equal...

Feminism irritates me and no, my husband can never cheat on me - Nollywood actress Kehinde Olorunyomi says in her latest interview with Broadway TV.

According to the actress, in her interview stated that men and women are far from being equal and yes, feminism irritates her despite supporting it.

She also bragged about her husband never cheating on her. Watch below:

'One Important Thing she also said is - If her husband cheats On Her, She will stand on top of the bible and CURSE THE OTHER WOMAN ' AND THE WOMAN WILL BE CRIPPLED BEFORE MORNING...( Who will pray and curse the man?...LOL)


Unfortunately! The only conversation and backing for HER confidence she has is THE BIBLE!

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