Nigerian woman writes exam on her wedding day, gets support from bridesmaid in exam hall (Photos)

The woman pictured above allegedly had to sit for an examination on the day of her wedding - yes on her wedding day. The day that was supposed to be a somewhat special day for became one that clashed with something she probably didn't bargain for.

She found herself at that cross road of either postponing the wedding or having maybe a carryover, so she decided to eat her cake and have it as she was able to write both the exam and still go on with the wedding. 

 After all, there is nothing to lose...

From the photo above, one can tell that she has the support of people around her cause her bridesmaids can be seen in purple, probably giving her moral support.

The wedding reportedly took place in Benue

If it were you, what will you do?

Forfeit the exam and have carryover or postpone the wedding after sending I.V?

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