My Husband Slapped Me Twice and Asked me to pack out of the house ...In front of Our Kids on our way to church

''On Our Way To Church This Sunday Morning My Husband And I Had An Argument Over Our House Girl,  He Then Slapped Me Right There In Front Of The Kids, I Got Angry And Asked Him Why He Did That And Started Talking Angrily, But Then He Slapped Me Again So I Slapped Him Back, He Then Started Beaten Me And Broke My Head,

 He Is Now Telling Me To Park My Things And Go Back To My Fathers House, Me I Am Not Stepping An Inch Out Of This House He Is The One Who Needs To Leave Until This Whole Thing Is Sorted Out''

 - Angry Nigerian Woman Beaten This Morning By Her Husband Cries Out As She Releases Photos.

coco's note:
Ndi Church, Ndi Head Of House, Ndi pack and go back to your father's house! The African Story!!!

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