Daddy Freeze slams Funke Adejumo over viral 'housewives' sermon - any woman who is a housewife is a colossal failure...

Poor, insensitive delivery, makes a mess of a great message! - A woman who can't lend her husband N1million Naira is NOT a failure, you didn't marry a bank did you?

- Queen Esther in the Bible was a housewife and was still a critical part of God's grand plan, so we can't decide how someone wants to live their life.

If a woman wants to be a house wife, why judge her and call her a colossal disgrace? Haven't you heard of judge not? Oh sorry, that's meant only for yahoo boy pastors

 - I think she should focus more on a woman adding value to herself, as against being able to provide money! - Marital success is not all about money in my own opinion. ~FRZ - #FreeTheSheeple


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