***Collette Orji - You Cannot KISS in this airport! One of my Enugu Airport Stories***

As I took my seat on board that morning, I couldn't help but notice a couple that had smiles and laughter written all over them. They sat just in front of me. We landed in Akanu Ibiam Airport in Enugu and I could still see them all loved up, happy and I could deduce - She went to pick him up from Lagos, and he must have been out of Nigeria for a while.

They were so happy. We got to the baggage area and as I looked for somewhere to seat while waiting for my plenty bags, and high up on my really high heels, I heard the screaming from the other end and I turned.

 Listen to what I heard!

You cannot kiss IN this airport. You cannot, I say You cannot!

 This couple was seated together waiting for their bags as well and they shared a kiss and were RUDELY interrupted by a man, about 55 to 60 years, dressed in native attire and obvious an airport authority staff. He told this couple,

You can't kiss here. I refuse, You cannot. He was shouting, screaming, at the top of his voice. He was raging, You cannot, it cannot happen. HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THIS COUPLE and in-between them at times, you won't do it, I say No, Go and get a hotel room, I say go and get a room, you cant do this here, I refuse.

 There was obviously crowd gathering, and believe me, people were actually begging and calming him down. The couple were so shocked, embarrassed, and they looked like they were caught fornicating in an open school field where kids gathered.

 Needless to say, I was Appalled at this madman screaming.

 Here was the common stupidity I noticed that day - People actually cheered for him and hailed him for maintaining morality and you could see the eyes of even other passengers being elated that at least someone has been stopped.

 A MAN WAS STOPPED FROM SHARING AN AFFECTIONATE PUBLIC KISS WITH HIS WIFE - hasndkdlmcn,aksubdbcbgtcyyhsb....Yes, You read it well, That's me speaking in Tongues.

 As I got my bags to finally leave, the madman brought out his Bible and I heard someone call him Pastor, nice work, nice work -

 That was when the emesis in my stomach almost rushed out. I vomited and regurgitated and my body mechanism suffered it later.

 Off all things, slavery, of all people stupid and enslaved - Religious Folks are the most Pitied! 

I wondered what the madman pastor would be had done if the man just continued kissing his wife, would he have pulled them apart physically? This question still comes to my mind when I recall this incident.


Allrights reserved,© Collette Orji

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