Collette Orji - The Pot Of Pepper-Soup My Husband Made That Is Still Tormenting Me...( Coco's Diary)

When most men go out for groceries or some form of shopping or place most orders online -
The items are usually Theirs - For Them ONLY. Because most women are Landladies without properties, they may make use SOME of these items, That doesn't change the fact that The men actually got it for themselves alone!

This is a recent happening, I think about three weeks ago, I went for groceries with my husband. He took some extra cowtail/Ox-tail beef and I said No, we may not need it. He then said, just a little, so he reduced the quantity. Well, we got home.

I actually made two different dished that fateful day knowing we both gonna have a busy week once Monday comes, we ate and I think I went for my Zumba dance class or I slept off on the couch. At some point that night, I saw My Husband, Nev, eating PEPPER-SOUP. The aroma was indeed in the air but I was tired, and sleepy so I continued.

I woke up at some point mid-morning and the first thing that came to my mind was that Pot of pepper-soup. I started analyzing and dissecting my brain, wondering why after eating over two times that evening, he still had to eat Pepper soup, worst still he didn't even ask me to JOIN him.

Then, I noticed he left the pot of pepper soup on the stove.(Gas)

He didn't dish it out t store in the fridge, I also knew he was gonna rush out for work that morning and he won't have enough time to warm this pepper soup and the DEVIL in me started working.

Here is what the Devil asked me to do:-

1- You cooked all that food, he ate it, yet he made the extra pot of pepper soup and didn't give you or ask you to join.
2- He even left it on the stove and went to bed peacefully, no wonder he's sleeping so calmly.
3- He will be Rushing Off early this morning and you also have Classes, Don't HEAT up the pepper soup for him so It will go bad when you both return.
4 - watch him as he throws away the pot later and smiles mischievously.
5- Watch and Listen if he's going to Lament over his pepper soup, Then STRIKE by telling him your mind, That it went bad because he didn't give you.

Then I smiled Because I own my MIND and my Mind Controls My Body. I smiled because My Brian thinks Kindness first Before It analyzes BullShit. I took that pot of pepper soup, dished it out on a storage bowl and placed it in the fridge for him.

My wonders, What happens next has become my sorrow, Torment, and Torture!

I came back home Later than my husband that day, Lo and behold, Before him on that Table was a whole plate of the food I made for two of us and HIS BOWL OF PEPPER SOUP HE MADE FOR HIMSELF THAT I PRESERVED FOR HIM.

By the time, I could finish typing JACK ROBINSON, The whole plates and Pots were inside the dishwasher. I FELT SO ROBBED! It felt so Unnatural. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I've tried to understand this and it failed me. This was grounds for DIVORCE...(Pure One)

I don't know how people who love you will just go out with you, Buy A whole section of cowtail and oxtail, get home, eat all the food you made, Make their own and Eat It All Also. This must be WITCHCRAFT. Someone must be cooking some HERBS in the village AGAINST me.

I mean, Look at it critically - who does something like this Except ---------------.

This Issue of this pepper soup will stay and Linger in My heart FOREVER! 

Thanks For Reading...#ToMoreThanICanBe...

Allrights Reserved,© Collette Orji, 2017

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