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So, growing up in Africa, we went from Masturbation being a SIN, to masturbation being looked at with dubious intentions to Women fasting and praying because their husbands masturbate, to Fake and un-informed pastors holding large crusades with 
Destroy the spirit of masturbation because it's satanic.
Men and women definitely have masturbated at least once or twice in their lives bending their heads down in shame when Masturbation is mentioned.

Maya Angelou says: When You know better, You do better!

Two things I've found out You shouldn't have any shame from are Abortion and Masturbation. We will handle Abortion another day. Let's continue with Masturbation for today.

Can I define Masturbation Again? It's simply the stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure!
Most men and women masturbate, women by stroking or rubbing the vulva and clitoris for sexual pleasure ( Why we should all always wash our hands and greet people via pecks, kisses, and hugs rather than handshakes -The hands are a reservoir for micro-organisms).

Most women masturbate, even a larger number of men masturbate. I remember one time Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ( One of my favorite pastors when I use to go to church) was brought under FIRE For allegedly saying that Masturbation is NOT a sin. People Roar like lions and Dogs barked in the streets, Abomination was sung by both men and women who probably masturbated that morning. ( I pity those who will turn to 50 and seat back with only regrets on their lips)

We were taught in school, That Masturbation is a basic human right (which should obviously be common sense anyway since we all own private genitals) and that as long as you carry that act out in privacy - It's your basic human right since the pleasure of sex by itself, is a basic human right between two consenting adults.

Some patients masturbate even when their physical and mental brain does not function normally (which is why they are patients as named), we were taught that - Should they engage in the act of Masturbation publicly, we need to help them out and PROVIDE THEM WITH PRIVACY SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO ENJOY THEMSELVES WITH SEXUAL PLEASURE. It is their human right, basic and vital human rights. If you ever walked in on them performing the act of masturbation, Make sure they still have privacy and walk away. It's their right.

These are the reasons I don't embrace RELIGION no more, because for the most part if we have to use Christians as an example - they follow the scriptures. These scriptures were written over 2000 years ago. Even my crazy cousin of 14 years now has used about 6 different mobile phones in the last 24 months. I cannot abide by a 2000-year-old book in the year 2017, especially when every principle in the book is flawed and cannot be updated.
This post is not about religion so Church people and bible people - take your advice to your village community church and save their souls.
Masturbation can be illegal though When an adult forcefully holds another adult against their wish. It can become too much, a habit, thereby causing other factors(im not here for that today too). Im here to say, It is not A sin, neither is it an Abomination like church and village people love that term too much. Masturbation brings pleasure, so like every other thing in life, Do it right, do it in your privacy, and do it within the best range of your own health.
Some couples will say: So I should not take my husband to church for prayers if he's always masturbating...Well, You may choose to take him directly to Hell!

All rights reserved, © Collette Orji

All rights reserved, © Collette Orji

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