***Collette Orji - The Importance of Poop. Call it Feces, To Defaecate, Shit, Stool, Bowel Movement, Toilet Use, Incontinence etc***

About Two hours of my time was used today in analyzing the beauty, illness association, importance, care, structure, necessity and in some cases URGENCY of Feces(Poop) to the human body and its benefits and treatment.

We need to use the toilet more than twice daily for those who have really good body systems. Endeavor to make sure your excreta is not too hard but looks kinda brownish in color, well formed in the shape of the anus as it's coming out and comes out with ease.

 Drink over 1500cc of water daily so your body has enough reserve as we urinate more of it as well. Avoid Constipation as much as you can via your meal or diet. Constipation is one of the highest reasons for heart attack among the elderly as constipation does not only cause you to SQUEEZE YOUR FACE during ACTION but puts too much pressure on the heart, thereby prevent blood circulation and sudden heart attack.

This is why so many older people have DIED in Toilets which I personally know over 3 of such persons. Something worst than Constipation for both the elderly and most adults is whats known as ' Fecal Impaction'. Fecal Impaction is when those feces wants to come out but it's not coming out. (Layman terms).

You push and push and push and the excreta comes and gets to the rectum but completely goes back or a little part falls off. Medical people say this is very serious oh, while this really kills Older people! Doctors, Nurses, and medical assistants usually inserts one or two fingers and try to get out the feces or help break it up.

Constipation is really bad, causes Bloating, and can be treated initially by taking Laxatives. Please, my wonders - Let all of us try and avoid hard stool! To avoid medical practitioners putting their fingers into your rectum anyhow. Passing out feces is a normal daily/weekly activity that even the pope enjoys!

 Let me stop here for now - Enough Revision already!

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