Collette Orji - The Home Robbery Incident...Another Experience...(Part One)

It was approximately 01: 55am that morning, I woke up and saw a scary ugly looking man pointing a knife directly to my eyes.

It was Horrible, I was in shock so I didn't move. I stayed still, unsure if it was the sleep in my eyes, or the presence of a stranger in the house or the knife, whatever it was - I was in shock, I was quiet and I seem to be in a trance as I couldn't open my mouth to respond even to very simple questions like  - Is the door locked?

I worked online that night till about 11pm. I dozed over 3 times on the table with my laptop till I couldn't manage it anymore. I decided to lay down on the couch briefly at about 12: 20am that morning in Abuja and within minutes, I was gone. Gone into a very deep and far sleep as I had spent over 4 hours on the laptop that fateful day.

I think there was a gentle Tap for me to wake up and there was this man, between 28 and 35, really ugly face and so dark like he intentionally masked his face with dust or charcoal, standing above me while holding up a knife, with the blades of the knife directly into my eyes. I woke up without saying a word sleepily and with total weakness and submission. I dont think I knew what exactly was going on.
He asked, Is the central door leading to the rooms Open?
I was just there, looking at him and staring at him as if I was in a trance. It still made no sense at all.
He said to wait there, he moved to the TV Stand, open the drawers, then crossed back to me and said, Open the door. I opened the central door still without a word.

 I still hadn't gotten it till there was a sudden noise in the kitchen and some other very uglier shorter looking man walked out of the kitchen with yet another knife. Then it dawned on me, I'm in my house, but im no longer the BOSS.
There was a new sheriff in my house then I tried to scream, and the first man said - Listen, You have been behaving well so far, I'm not here to hurt you, I dont want to hurt you. Just do as I say and you will be fine. I said Okay, But somehow, I was calm again, Something about the way he said that made me believe he won't harm me.

Now, I'm aware, there are robbers in my house and I'm been held, Hostage. Only one thing was going through my mind at this second. My younger brother is in the house, sleeping. I was wondering, Has he heard the noise, is he going to handle it like I am, is he okay, will he be able to fight with me or do something if things turn out wrong, so many thoughts were running through my head, then immediately I started thinking about the security man. Where is he? Is he aware? How is this going to end, have they killed him?

Then I pondered about the security men at our estate gate? HOW DO I GET THEM HERE? are they aware? How did these people get through my security estate gate, my own gate, and are inside my house? I was still in This country when that voice said one more time,

We are not here to harm you, We don't want to harm or hurt you in any way, don't be scared, and don't make us hurt you. I said Okay, and answered his questions.

Who else is in this house, He asked?
My younger brother, he is sleeping I continued.
Which room is he? I pointed to the direction and he said, Go and Open the door.

I walked to the door and like always, he locked the door. I turned around so as to explain the door is locked, He asked the other guy, the shorter one with the knife to stab me if I try anything funny and he said, call him to open the door.

I started knocking, asking him to open the door, he did with his sleepy eyes and was going back to lay on the bed when they shouted at him. He looked twice, cleared his eyes and looked again, he saw two scary looking men with knives holding me on each side, Before he could ask me whats going on, they pushed me into the room and asked us both to lay on the floor. WE did immediately and they used the Duvet to cover us while they started searching the room.

My brother and I managed to have a very intimate conversation under that duvet as we lay there on the floor. We planned an escape, we decided if we could lose them inside the house and make them get locked in...TO BE CONTINUED

Thanks For reading...#Tomorethanwecanbe

Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji

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