Amazing testimony of a woman who was abused for 11 years and attempted suicide 3 times (Photos)...

A Nigerian lady, Mercy Makinde, took to her social media pages to share her testimony as she celebrated her wedding anniversary today. God has turned her misery to a ministry and her mess to a message. 

According to her, she was abused PhysicallyEmotionallySexuallyVerbally and Mentally for 11 years and disconnected from family, friends, church and society at large.

 she attempted suicide 3 times after being given out in marriage to an abusive man older than her dad.

She wrote;
❌ Given out to a man older than my own father at age 18
❌Abused Physically, Emotionally, Sexually, Verbally and Mentally for 11 years
❌Attempted Suicide three times
❌Lost my Self Esteem, Confidence and sense of being
❌ Was disconnected from family, friends, church and society at large
But God came through! Rescued me from the valley of shadow of death! .
✅He gave me a second chance at life and marriage! .
✅Blessed me with a man that loves and cherishes me. .
✅He Restored all that I had lost over the years.
✅Blessed me with two more children after it was said I will never have children again!
✅He turned my Misery to a Ministry…my Mess to a Message!
On this day years ago, God compensated me for all the years of agony and pains and gave me Beauty for Ashes. I have plenty reasons to celebrate! .
#happyanniversarytous #Godofsecondchance #beautyforashes”

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