Nigerian man Mohammed recounts how a white lady Jenny he met on Facebook sent him an Apple MacBook and iPhone...

A white lady fell much in love with a Nigerian guy on social media and she has gifted him with an expensive gadget to spice up their relationship.

The Nigerian man named Kwankwason Mohammed has shared his story of how he accepted a Facebook request from a lady named Pretty Jenny and things turned out to be a blessing for him afterwards.

According to the young man, few minutes after accepting Jenny’s request, she hit him up in his inbox and from there, things got pretty good between the both of them. Some days later, she wanted to do video call with him but he told her it was not possible due to the type of phone he was using.

The England based lady then decided to acquire some gadgets for the young man which she sent to him via British Airways including some cash to sustain himself with.

Mohammed shared that Jenny who claims she likes him very much, disclosed that her husband died long time ago as she will like to marry him.

He says that he’s ecstatic about the gifts but is worried about how to repay her.

See photos of the gadgets she purchased below:

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