My ordeal in the hands of Nollywood’s sexual predators – Sandra Onyenemere, actress

Model and up-and-coming actress, Sandra Onyenemere is peeved! Reason: randy movie producers and directors are giving her a hard time because they want to sleep with her before giving her a role, and she is not ready to compromise.

In a chat, the hazel-eyed, light-complexioned beauty and graduate of Economics from Madonna University opened up on her ordeal, declaring that no matter what happens, she will never drop her pants in order to secure a role because a randy movie maker wants her to.
Hear her: “I want to expose randy movie producers and directors who give the industry a bad name. Most times we females are the victims. There is so much pressure from directors; they want to take advantage of you because they know you are passionate about acting. They know you are vulnerable so they want to take advantage of that, and that is tragic!”

Bitter experience
Recalling her ordeal, the fast-rising thespian narrated: “It was a bitter experience. I don’t want to go into details. There was a day I got a call that I should travel to Asaba in Delta State. And this is someone I haven’t met before. Somebody actually gave me his number to call him and Asaba is not where I have lived before.

“He said he would put me in a hotel for two nights and I was like, ‘two nights doing what?’ I was recommended to him so why would I have to go through all that; I mean, spend two nights with him in a hotel? But he was like ‘I like you; you’re a beautiful girl. Let us have a relationship and work as a family’. It was really scary.

“There was another one who said that my ‘holy-holy’ attitude won’t get me anywhere, he is a big name in Abuja. He relocated from America with state-of-the-art equipment with plans to transform Nollywood, so I was shocked when he made the statement because I saw him as a professional. It was so bad I had to block his number.
“A lot of times you go for auditions, you get the role and when it is time for cameras to role, you find out that you have been dumped like a bag of bad potatoes, because you refused to do what other girls are doing.
“There was this very big name in Nollywood who boasted to me that all the big names in the industry passed through him. In fact, he even boasted that I wasn’t even half as pretty as them. He told me that if I must get to Jerusalem, I must pass through him. And besides, he told me that my case was already complicated because I was not as pretty as the actresses who slept with him before he transformed their careers.”

Sticking to her guns
Why doesn’t she just give them what they want and move on with her career? After all, a lot of young girls would do exactly that. Doesn’t she think she is being timid? Her response: “I can’t because I am a role model to my siblings. We are seven kids and I am the first. They say charity begins at home, so I want to extend that to the world. I don’t need to sleep with any movie maker or director to land a role.”

Advice to wannabes
So, what does Onyenemere have to say to girls who believe that sleeping around is the shortest cut to success? “It is their choice and then we all have our individual priorities and decisions. They have made their choice, but for me, that is not it. I am from a strong Christian background and sleeping around is a taboo in my culture.”

Despite her challenges, Onyenemere is undeterred to achieve success in Nollywood. “I want to do my own movies. Actually, I want to create awareness about sexual harassment and I also want them to know that Nollywood is not a bad industry; it is just a few randy ones giving it a bad name. I can actually find good and reserved men who don’t sleep around but rely on God and sheer talent to get to where they are today. It all depends on you.
“I am currently working on my first film, and by God’s grace, before the middle of next year, it should be ready for the cinemas. My family is very supportive. My role model is Omoni Oboli; she is such a hard working woman,” she  stated

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