Guiliana Rancic and Bill Rancic celebrates 10 years of marriage...Huge!!!

About last many 😄's and 💋's and 🎂 and 🍾 celebrating 10 years of marriage with my Our smiles say it all...ten years ago today I had the best night of my life when I married the man of my dreams.

Today, I get to wake up to the husband of my dreams, father of my dreams and best friend of my dreams. Thank you @billrancic for giving me everything I wanted in a marriage and everything I needed as a human being. I'm madly, insanely, ridiculously in love with you, even more, today than our fairytale wedding night. So blessed God chose me to spend forever with you 🙏 Happy Anniversary, love of my life ❤️

Congrats to you both...

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