Dating for years doesn't guarantee marriage says uche ebere agu...

Nollywood actress, Ebere Uche Agu, has shared some important message to y'all! She took to her Instagram page to talk about relying on God and not man as only him is capable of seeing us through any situation.

She wrote:

Dating for years is not a guarantee to marriage... Falling sick does not mean you are going to die... Getting rich is not the definition of prosperity... Building a nice house is not enjoying luxury... Sleeping on an expensive bed doesn't bring you sound sleep... Driving a new car is not a guarantee that you will reach where you are going... Wearing best clothes doesn't mean they are fitting you.... Owing a family doctor doesn't guarantee permanent good health... Being highly educated is not a sign of wisdom... Marrying a rich guy doesn't guarantee Happy marriage... Winning an argument does not mean that you are correct... Whatsoever is done without the merit of Heaven is fake and temporal... He who builds without God is building for nothing,, n He who watches over a city without God watches in vain... Not everything is possible with men But everything is possible with God... Involve God in Everything you do. Good morning everyone, Bless you all 🙌🙌💋💋💋👌🙌

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