I've been doing a lot of reading and I've spent so much time watching very prominent and thriving famous folks speak. Every time I do this - it's like a rebirth. You have to really look deep within you and find something to live for.

Everything, you need to succeed in this life comes from within.

 We once had a carpenter guy in Abuja, he was so good at Carpentry work that it was so inspiring.
I started telling all my friends about him and everyone in our estate then in Abuja was needing him. Anyways, it didn't really end well, I heard he became a pastor anyways or was in some pastoral school.

You see, you can be so good at what you do that people will identify your work even without your presence. There's something within you, so great, a deep yearning to be something more, something greater, it keeps you sleepless and makes you awake, it hums in your stomach -

You have a short time on this your best to discover yourself and live that life. You want to get married, please find someone and get married. You don't want to get married, please don't.

You want to have kids, please do, time waits for no one, you don't want to have kids - please don't.

You have a passion for a great career path, it's time for you to look deeper and start it, just start, You are comfortable with your job and life, please enjoy it. You love going to church and dancing and singing, please do.

You have no time for religious fake bullshit please Loud it, whatever it is that you want in this life - do it now and start anyways. Because, at the end of the day, people will automatically remember you for choosing to be you and daring to live.

You don't like the life you have - change it. Change your attitude towards it if it's a permanent situation.

Listen, No one really cares and the world goes on and on and on, so you got barely 100 years on earth and you've wasted 30 years already being a child - grow up today and be a happy adult who brings love to their society.
Look within you, Live & Let live

 all rights reserved, © Collette Orji

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