Collette Orji - ***When RESPECT walks Out of the Door in your marriage - Be prepared For Doom***

Most times when I'm referring to respect in a marriage, some idiotic religious women will be disturbing my ears with LOVE! The same women are unmarried, very single and unable to keep one relationship for 24 hours even when all the Okada men and bricklayers around them are begging them to marry them and some chiefs in their villages are begging them to become 4th wives -

They have REFUSED Vehemently to LOVE these men.

 What does that tell you?

That the fact that a woman is single or unmarried simply means that she hasn't found what she wants or who she wants, Not because there are not many people who love her. So, when you talk about Love, please don't forget to add INTEREST to it. Because we all are guilty of interest and LOVE is the word every Gold digger and Digger Gold uses to Paint a relationship status.

Now, we are back to respect!!!

After marriage, when you have had lots of sex with your partner in all positions and all corners and across all the bedrooms in your house, when both of you practically start living like just two flat mates, the first thing that starts getting out of the door too fast is RESPECT!

Both of you become so comfortable with each other that disrespect starts displaying itself - BE CONSCIOUS OF THIS...DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT ATTENTION!!!
Once disrespect starts displaying itself, with the man feeling like he already has you and there's nothing you can do about it, this happens a lot after the baby comes.

Most women who are now mothers are witnessing an insane brutal level of disrespect now in their marriages that initially, they were disturbing the ecosystem thinking it's love. They think they are trapped or better still STUCK!!!

You are not trapped, you are not stuck, You are not done with or over with. Sex, or motherhood or Sappy breast doesn't make you over and done with - Hell No!!! You are only done with when you finally say you are done with.

Identify disrespect when it starts, call it to caution and be very tough about it. Do not smile or give it wings to fly before addressing it. Once Your husband starts serving you disrespect for breakfast, Know this... You are on the verge or better still brink of ABUSE!

Once disrespect starts Lurking in your marriage, in your relationship and you don't call it to order TOO FAST, the next thing you gonna get for breakfast is VERBAL ABUSE, followed by Emotional ABUSE and subsequently but very surely Physical Abuse which leads you to the most Shameful, destructive lowest self-esteem that any human being could possibly have.

Then, You will now Pull a TONTO DIKEH, practicing SELF DECEIT. You will start Lying For a living in your marriage.

When disrespect starts from your husband, call him to order and thrash that Shit, Because You are In for a very long thing. Do you know the worst? You continually daily, weekly put him to order, endlessly UNTIL you can no longer tolerate his NONSENSES - then, I urge you - To start Planning an exit strategy.


Thanks for reading...#Tomorethanwecanallbe

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