Collette Orji - ***There's NOTHING more depreciating to the women generation than Bride Price***

This Nonsense and act of both ancient and modern slavery is still so invoked and tolerated that the efforts of hard working inspiring women is been drawn backward due to this absolute negligence and very low esteem tag on the female race in Nigeria.

 Free yourselves women from this bondage of Bride price and the List Please!

Most of you are already married and this sacrilege of slavery was already done and carried out on you. Now, you are here, do what it takes to STOP that nonsense from happening to your daughters and coaching your sons to fully understand and come to the full knowledge of a woman's worth.

Every time, I say this, some folks come here to talk about 'it SYMBOLIZES' Their mothers and fathers, I will encourage and advise you to take that comment to your pages, Save and protect your daughters from slavery both ancient and modern slavery in the name of bride price. Dear woman,

You are not a commodity, you are not a project for the people of your community and REJECT being subjected beneath a man and beneath men whose only reason for the continuous celebration of this barbaric and ingenious act is because it RESTRICTS the woman and Limits her entirety and means absolutely nothing except reducing women to before 11th century.

The patriarchal Slavery which men keep practicing only when it benefits them. Mothers, Raise Kings for daughters, empower them and educate them. No one is greater than another by sex or by biology. Denounce this act of Slavery called the bride price on a woman or keep writing on every blog/blogger space/ online sites about the one million problems you women get every minute. You haven't seen anything - More will still happen!

My Focus is your daughters - Mothers please Raise a formidable nation with your children. Bride price is SLAVERY!!!

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