Collette Orji - ***THE REASONS MEN CHEAT ***

It's Tiring every time I even have to blog about what most WOMEN and some MEN have decided to coin as, the reason MEN CHEAT. It's so tiring and frustrating and just so energy consuming.
This is what I read today online:

Most of you married women and wives are complaining that your husbands are cheating with us and taking us to Dubai and spending money on us single girls. It is because you no longer behave like single girls, or the sex sluts or look good and sexy for your husbands anymore. Simple red or black sexy pants you cannot wear around the house. You tie wrapper and you stop slaying and start doing just mommy and daddy style...If you dont stop being Virgin Marys, your husbands will keep eying fine single girls like us and we are willing and available to chop money.

I've read this analogy of why men cheat so many times and half the times, It's even written by women...who of-course are Single most of the times, the others Stupid the other half of the time and well - Biased for the obvious parts. Most Single women HAVE absolutely NO IDEA what Marriage is all about AT ALL.

Well - I am on my PAGE NOW AND GUESS WHAT...I gloat and rant and reset brains without apology. MEN DO NOT CHEAT BECAUSE OF YOU - THE WOMEN NOT SLAYING.

Men Cheat, Women Cheat, Both the penis and the Vagina Cheats. The Cheating Gene is not restricted to the penis and the ONLY reason either the men/women cheat is GREED. And Greed is not a monopoly. Anyone can be greedy. Men/women cheat because they made a CHOICE to cheat, because they want to, because Anyone and Everyone Can Cheat, Because, when you are sure you can get away from something, a crime or anything, when you are sure you can get away with a crime - You just may commit the act. It is HUMAN NATURE!

By the way, I've said this repeatedly, as a single girl -I rocked life. I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THE MEN WHO WERE AWESOME SEXUALLY! I don't even remember that. So this idea of single women making it look like the single sex is in some way awesome than the married, personally, I dont even know the kind of men they meet. See me see wahala oh!

Marriage entails Daily upkeep. It's like running a successful business and entering data sales, cleaning your shop and maintaining a steady inflow of clientele all in one. Making sure you always have enough to keep your business readily afloat. Marriage does not mean Sex, and well... Maybe single means sex and multiple sexes and multiple partners and unrestricted sex - but hey ....Marriage does not mean SEX.
Married couples can go a month or even more without sex and guess what - the business still runs well, and effectively but be single and Not have sex with most of these multiple diverse partners and there's no deal. So, stop giving excuses for MEN who cheat or who are philandering men. Anyone can have a reason to do anything, like sex, like cheating, like success, like being hard working - it all starts with a decision, a choice.

when single women seat and all they discuss is why Men are cheating with them is so laughable and the reason our fights for gender equality is definitely SLACKING!!! What is this nonsense of women thinking that iT'S ONLY MEN THAT CHEAT? Hello!!! Anyone and everyone is capable of cheating and when they do, It is their own personal reasons for their own selfishness.

We all know the drill! If you are a woman and you feeling guilty because your husband now cheats and he tells you it is your fault he is cheating - Help him out. Grant him his freedom and kick his ass out of your house and life and he can go on and be free. Why the Bondage anyways? You are not the reason your husband CHEATS on you. You are Not the reason dear woman!!! YOU ARE NOT!!!

Hello Man, Your wife is not cheating on you because of YOU! She is cheating because of her and if she can't put her acts together - Grant her Freedom.

Dear Women - Is it too hard to talk about your selves and boast about your selves and confidence and ambitions and what you stand for without limiting your entire being to a man/MEN? i'LL BE DAMNED.

Thanks for reading...#TomorethanIcanBe

Allrights reserved,© Collette Orji

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