Collette Orji - Marriage Is Not A business Plan and a woman is not a commodity...

You are a wife, Not a slave, you are not a pepper seller who was told they will buy all her goods in exchange for slavery domestic duty...Marriage is NOT a business plan UNLESS of course, Yours Is A BUSINESS PLAN....IF IT IS TREAT IT AS SUCH BUT IF IT'S NOT THEN TREAT IT ACCORDINGLY.

There's Nothing I will not see or read in this my small life. I've been trying to not read things or see things YET, You people will not allow me to rest.

A woman will be taken to a man's house to introduce her to his family and she will not sit down well, cross her legs, greet everyone and put a fat big 'FAKE' smile on her face, I mean we know that his family is also wearing a BIGGER FAKE smile....

This woman will become A slave instantly.

A baby passes, she will carry the baby, the boy's sister comes, she will even wake up for the younger sister to sit down forgetting she herself is a guest.

The Fiance's kid brother comes in, she bows and greets him, ( The same brother that she will send out of the house once the marriage is done).

She will eat and carry all the plates from everyone's table and start washing.
She will wash all the plates, clean the entire kitchen, carry detergent and start cleaning toilets, cook extra food for his family, carry all the dirty clothes and start washing ALL IN THE NAME OF I'M A GOOD WIFE MATERIAL!!!


You are a wife, Not a slave, you are not a pepper seller who was told they will buy all her goods in exchange for slavery domestic duty...YOU ARE A GUEST! RESPECT YOURSELVES!

  You Are Not A Slave...Respect Yourselves When You Visit Your Fiance's Family For The First Time and Subsequently. Stop Acting and doing things you have no intentions to finish.

You think that's your qualification for wife material Abi? Go and ask your fellow married women HOW MARKET? Those mother in laws, cousins, kid brothers, and sisters ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED IN THAT WIFE MATERIAL'S HOUSE NO MORE!!!

Why all these pretenses? I ask again WHY?

What is wrong with you women? what is wrong with you... Can you understand what being a wife means?


Imagine you bring your Fiance/Boyfriend to your house, meet your family and greet your parents, you give him food as a guest, he starts clearing the whole table, yours, your parents, your whole family, carry all the plates to the kitchen and start washing them, clean the kitchen, mop the floors, serve water, clear the bottles....KAI! ABOMINATION!!!

I bet your parents and everyone will scream and carry that boy back to his family for deliverance - Now! That's what you do every day claiming good wife....I can't deal anymore. I'm so tired of these nonsenses.

Two months inside the marriage....the women have already stopped doing 99% of all the ACTING And you and your husband start fighting...Empower yourselves, women, a woman is not a commodity and marriage is not a business plan EXCEPT of course you did a business plan.

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