Collette Orji - ***The Day You decide to marry - That Day You become A Potential Divorcee***

Only those who are born DIES, Only those who have Facebook accounts can be unfriended, send facebook friend request or get blocked on facebook. Only Those who woke up today can breathe in air freely. So, You see, Only those who are married, that can get DIVORCED!

 The day you chose to get married, is the day you chose to become a potential divorcee.
This simply means all that 'TILL DEATH DO US PART'' Is grammar so old that the intention of that sentence supersedes the actual practice. Come on! How many people really believe that line anymore? You can check the divorce courts to have an idea. We are all at a point in life now that we all know, Marriage is not by force and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work - Period. It must not work!

Some marriages last 10 years and still end, others last 72days and still crash. Some partners die in 8 months and that, of course, is 'Till death do us part also' right? ...And damn it! Some people marry for 25 years and are still together. Bottom Line is, Whatever rocks Your Boat - Do It, as long as you work within the law. 

Women, most often than not are the more shattered after a divorce. We can all understand why, Patriarchal, society and the raising up of the kids in most cases. But I hail thee, women! I am proud to be one of you. As a woman, know this and remember this, the day you take that pen and sign that signature of marriage, of companionship, with a man, that day you became a potential divorcee.

This post is not to frighten you! This post is to encourage you! You are first a human being, then a woman, even before you are a wife, so when a marriage doesn't work, after you have done all and everything you can humanly, and womanly do and things don't work out for you, dust yourself up, pick yourselves up and match on. You can only do what you can do anyways. Society does not go through your pain with you, society does not go through your hurdles with you.
Even your twin sister, mother, the family cannot go through that pain with you. Being ashamed is not going to fix you. When the water can no longer hold - You Get The Hell Out Of That Contract! You Owe No Body Any Explanations!!!

 Only Him/Her that wears the shoes, Knows Exactly where It Pinches...

#ToMoreThanIcanBe...Thanks For Reading.

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