Awww !!! Bridal party wears bandages in solidarity with bride who had a broken wrist (Photos)

PHOTO: Jaclyn Summers bridal party surprised her by wearing bandages at her Aug. 31 wedding after the bride broke her wrist a week before.
Not even a broken wrist could prevent this bride a lovely wedding as she got a pleasant surprise when her bridal party sported bandages in solidarity.

See photos below...

PHOTO: Jaclyn and Jonathan Summers wed Aug. 31 at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.
Jaclyn Summers was home alone, trying to stop her dogs from chewing apart their dog beds when she tripped over the dog gate and fell down the stairs. The Summerville, South Carolina, the woman told ABC News that she immediately called her parents and future husband, Jonathan, to head to the hospital.
PHOTO: Jaclyn Summers smiles in her doctors office on Aug. 20 after breaking her wrist and undergoing surgery to repair it.
"I'm 28 and I've never broken a bone and literally a week before my wedding this happens," she recalled of the Aug. 20 incident.

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