72 year old granddad goes back to school to enable him read letters sent by his children.

In 2003, 72-year-old Rufinus Taa marched to Korabariet Primary School, Kenya to enroll as a Class Two student. He's now proud he made that decision. See how his motivation below...
Mr Taa, known as Arap Taa by the residents of Kuresoi North, said he wanted to be able to read the letters his children sent him, in addition, to be able to write back.

“When I got letters by my children I would certainly go around the village looking for someone to read them for me. Then I would certainly tell them what to write back, although some people relayed the wrong message,” he said.

Currently aged 86, Mr Taa is actually happy he made the decision to go back to school despite his advancing age.

“I have learned to read, write in addition to I can communicate with people in English in addition to Kiswahili. What else could I ask for?” he says.


“I enjoyed Kiswahili although Mathematics used to ‘hurt’ my head,” Mr Taa said laughingly.

He said he got an A in Mathematics, Science in addition to Kiswahili in addition to a total of 256 marks from the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2009 in addition to joined Korabariet Secondary School where he managed a D-minus from the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 2013.

Richard Korir, a teacher at Korabariet Secondary School, said Mr Taa was an active member of the Guidance in addition to Counselling club.

Although he would certainly have loved to study Medicine, Mr Taa is actually well-versed with herbal treatment, a skill he learned from his mother.

He currently works at his former high school as a watchman, a job he says gives him fulfillment

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