*** You Cannot Divorce your wife for cheating or Batry: A Good Man Builds His Home*** - Collette Orji

 So, there's this woman who likes this guy so much and he was from a very poor family but very smart, God fearing and humble. So she trained him in school and married him. They were so In love and have 3 kids now together. Every time this woman is angry she will be slapping & abusing this man anyhow.

He has complained to his parents and her parents and even the pastors, they called the wife and counsel both of them. They also advise the man to take it easy and pray very well because a good man builds and protects his home.

This woman has side Boos in almost every city she goes for business. But as a man, you have to do what is necessary to protect your home so he's Fasting and praying for her.

What a good man! May God give us all such good men. A praying man.

Anyway, the story continues :

The first child just found out he looked more like his mother's side Boo than his father and that brought some quarrels at home that made the man carry out DNA on their kids. 2 out of their 3 kids belong to another man.
 The man has taken the matter to their pastor and they are all praying.
You see, to be a virtuous man is not easy, he is praying and fasting for his wife and keeping his family today. The woman just had cancer recently.

Wow! At last, almost 24 years later, God has answered the man's prayers. What a beautiful and sweet and miracle God. Hallelujah!!!

Well now, the man can rest from his wives philandering ways as he takes care of her at home. God is good. You cannot just leave your wife because of a mere cheating.

Honestly, all women cheat. But if there's one thing you have to be, you must be a prayerful man and a virtuous man and a good man protects his home.
What a very good Husband!!!

All rights reserved, Collette Orji

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