***Some Married Women Are Just Plain Stupid. Especially The Ones Who Say My Mother Married For 40 Years So I Must To*** - Collette Orji...

Can You manage the beatings or Abuse or Pains Your mothers took? They knew their places - You ought to know your places Too.

 No matter how much a man 'Makes' YOU, Until YOU self-develope yourself, You are still a child that he's doing trade by barter with - Sex and babies and food for the RING!

Little wonder they are filled up with all the new branches of different churches looking for Pastor's new branch and phone number. A man has already done everything for you. Everything!!! He has made you Madame MRS, BROUGHT YOU OUT OF YOUR POVERTY STRICKEN HOME, paid everything to wife you. You are worth SHIT.

You came with nothing except more expenses from your entire family, and he will come back home needing food or sex and you open your mouth saying you are tired? are you dumb? Does the car talks back at his Owner? You are there to fulfill his urges, calm him down and listens when he talks.

When you see the facebook pages of feminist or women who preach respect and gender equality, Block them quickly before your marriage is destroyed. You need to be a praying wife.

If your husband slaps you 9 times, forgive him 70 times 7 and pray for him. It's the devil tempting you. Resist the devil and fast with your pastor then come back and kneel down and apologize because it is not easy to BUY A WIFE!!!

 All rights reserved, © Collette Orji.

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