Nollywood Alexx Ekubo slammed for loving Cameroon too much?...

Nollywood superstar Alexx Ekubo has gotten himself in some hot waters after he praised the uninterrupted power supply in Cameroon over Nigeria’s on social media.

 The TV hunk, who was in Cameroon filming for a new movie, took to his Instagram to appreciate the fact that he’s been enjoying constant electricity supply through out his stay in the central African country.
Alexx Ekubo slammed for praising Cameroon “So I’ve been filming in Cameroon for the past 5 days & it's been uninterrupted power supply, meanwhile we [Nigeria] say we are the Giant of Africa, Big Name wey dey kill small dog,” Alexx wrote along a picture of him seated in an office with a Cameroonian flag visible by the side.

Alexx Ekubo, Syndy Emade on set of “A Man For The Weekend” movie,

 It’s no hidden fact that Nigeria is suffering from a major power problem which has been for decades and there’s been no permanent solution to the problem from the government in years. However, Nigerians thought it was irrelevant and unnecessary for the actor to “wash his dirty linens outside.”

The comments:

“Nigeria is still the best country. No mata what.

If u don’t like it, come n beat me, am in my room.” ,

 “Ehh man…pls don’t come back to NG just stay in Cameroon and sell the movie there in Cameroon.”

 “Nigeria is better than Cameroon economically, and is a good place to invest In business, every sane person knows Nigeria is better than Cameroon.”

“You are in a hotel FFS! Have you gone round the whole country before jumping to conclusion? ……

Don’t generate unnecessary hate for yourself! How many megawatts of electricity is needed in Cameroon compared to Nigeria? Because of light they are suddenly better than us?…… You don fall my hand!”

 Cameroon Well, while others reigned insults on the actor, others stood by his comment writing: “Bros true talk, if we can not have light for 1 week without nepa taking it then Cameroon are better than us.” Another followed with,

“That’s one of the reason they take BBN to SA very shameful.” Another said, “The truth in this eh..

I always say until we have constant power supply we just can’t compete. while the other just had to say, “May God have mercy on Nigeria”.

Ekubo is still to make a comment about this. Stay with us...


coco's note: Jokers

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