***Neither The Devil Breaks Marriage Nor God Protects Marriages Or Anything For That Matter - It's All In Your Hands*** - Collette Orji

Marriages are going out of extinction more and more and more! Agree or disagree...I'm still on my page!

 Our mothers and great grand mothers were married for 50 decades Does not mean they were HAPPY or had a CHOICE! These mothers didn't have any choice. Also, stop acting like because someone has been in a marriage for 10 years or 25 years and they be acting like longevity means happiness.


 Did you ever get a chance to talk to your mothers and grand mothers? Did you really spend time with them and listen to their stories? Are you really watching and taking the time to see the married people around you or listen to their stories?

Did you see the rules laid down by men in Igboland and Africa for women to sustain by in a healthy marriage? It all Leads women to more and more Slavery. Some women think because they are married they are better than some who are not yet married ...LOL! Bullshit!!! How does not even make sense?

Go and see how they leave, Daytime Slaves with No voices, Depressed beings with hopes and regrets leading to a baby every year and more hunger and more confusion.
Im Not sorry I'm sounding this better - All I am saying is: Please You are responsible for how you make your bed. You are responsible for your life! You are responsible for your secrets, your parts, your ideas, your visions, your focus, Your life, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICES!!!

You were not born a PDP or APC neither were you born a CHRISTIAN or MUSLIM - You made a choice, you became a CHOOSER!!! So, chose wisely and be smart and unlearn the things you need to and relearn the things you need to.

You cannot Plant Yam and Harvest Coco Yams - If You Like Pray About That From Jerusalem To Jericho...What You Sow is what You shall Reap! Do Things because you have considered your options.

Thanks For reading...#ToMoreThanIcanBe.

 Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji.


  1. A very thoughtful reading. I totally agree how situations vary for each one of us and longevity is certainly not the key to happiness. You can live a shorter yet contented life or you can live a compromising, unhappy long life. Its our choice.

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and share your thoughts positively


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