Marriage Counsellors Amara and Francis Van-Lare Announce Divorce...

Role model couple, Francis and Amara Van-Lare have sadly announced their divorce on their social media pages. This news came as a shock to many of their followers, as they were couple goals for a lot of marriages. The couple got married on the 11th of October, 2014 in Atlanta Georgia, in a colorful wedding ceremony. 

They are blessed with seven children from their previous marriages. No one can say exactly why they parted, but it was Francis who first posted a cryptic message on Facebook in the early hours of Monday, leading many to wonder if all was well in the Van-Lare household. “As I arrived the holy land I told God to vindicate me for my decision to go my own separate way for I have not done anything wrong to her and her four children to be treated the way I have been last two years.

 I still believe my peace and joy is out there and she will show up one day.”

Later in the evening, Amara who has since removed her “Van-Lare” surname on social media, confirmed that they had truly parted ways and asked for privacy and prayers at this time.


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  1. Amera you deserve a medal. Some men out there believe that you owe them just because he married you, therefore you should be worshipping and glorifying him all day everyday, Heck it even goes a far as competing with the wife and wanting the spotlight all the time. My dear sister I feel you, God will vindicate you. This will not stop you from achieving your goals. Stay strong. You are in my prayers.

    A Man will say " he knows his peace and joy is out there" yet be a pain in the neck How is any woman suppose to handle that? Foolish man.


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