Lady shares her personal story with fraudsters who use hypnosis as their means..


A Nigerian Facebook user has taken to the platform to share a video of 419 operatives, who hypnotize their victims before defrauding them.

According to Christy Glo, the old trick they used on her failed, and when the driver noticed she had started a video,
She wrote:
Beware of 419 dis period. On my way to my office just now, i joined a taxi n d lady at d back with me wanted to drop n gave d driver 500 naira…. D driver started asking her if she is d owner of d ghana must go bag in d boot n she said yes so d driver was like why didnt u tell me, how will u just keep such amount of money in d car, what if police had checked d boot…. N she was like she is sorry dat she n odas served one Alhaji n d Alhaji just died so everybody started taking what dey could take n run with n she is just coming from Abuja. I actually started d video late n when d driver noticed, he said dat i n d man infront shld go down… We went down, he drove to d front n d man joined dem back.
I don suffer for dis car wey i no get lol”

Hit play below...

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