*** If You don't have money to support your husband for a wedding, Just Shut Your Big Empty Mouth and Be A Submissive depressed wife***

There's nothing I won't see in this world. Some women are so wasteful. You want a man to spend his entire life savings on you because of a wedding? You come into the home and start demanding respect and human right? You must be sleeping on your mothers left breast!

If you know that you married a man who spent everything dime to marry you, pay your bride price, filled up the list to the last letter, Gave you the wedding of your own choice, bought everything you needed, took you to his already build house or already paid house with no bills on you - YOU ARE HIS SLAVE! He has bought you at a price and you must WORSHIP HIM!

You do everything he asks of you, cook morning and nights, any dishes he wants, Have sex when he wants and how he wants it. You are not allowed Orgasm, remember you are a church slave. Shut up when he says so, go where he wants you to and when he wants you to, visit and allow only those he permits you to - You are his property.

My post on human rights and gender equality is not for you to read and apply. It is for you to read, weep and raise your daughters and sons to not be as depressed as you. You are his property and you must abide by his rule.

This case is also applicable to you dear Husband - If you know that your wife did all these for you and you are not adding any values to her life...You are her slave and must worship her. This is simple! You must be a submissive husband. Most Igbo, Nigerian, married women LIVE in Bondage! If you see the bondage they live in eh. Hehehehehehhehehe! You will remain in that bondage because you have been bought at a price.

 The man has every right to slap your left eyes out if you dare try to apply my mindsets in your homes. You fasted and prayed and went to the mountains for 40 days for a husband abi? You are a virtuous submissive wife, right? I wish you long years of submission and prayers.

This is my page! Always remember that and we all have 24 hours per day.

All rights reserved, © Collette Orji.

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