I was molested as a kid - Actress Juliana olayode ...

Actress, Juuliana Olayode aka Toyo Baby of Jenifa's diary has revealed on how she was molested at a very tender age.

The actress made this revelation in her new book "REBIRTH"! According to her, she was in Primary one when this happened and an uncle in their compound loved squeezing her flat chest!
She wrote:
We cleaned our mouths, getting rid of any proof of what we had just done, and
then began to do our assignments. At that time, Uncle I stepped out of his room and
headed for the kitchen. He noticed Samson and I sitting outside. He came to us, asked

why we were outside and I explained to him. He then told us to come into his room and
stay there until our siblings arrived. Uncle, I was our neighbor, a Benin man, living with
his brother. On this day, however, his brother was not around.
Not too long after we got to his room, my brother slept off. His room was very cold,
not because he had any air conditioner, but because his fan was blowing at its peak. He
asked me how school was and I told him. Soon after, he asked me to sit on his laps. I did.
He asked if I knew the multiplication table and I responded in the positive. He told me to
recite it and I did excitedly. I started from two, but by the time I was on four, I felt
something against my bum.
I did not pay attention to it until he grabbed my flat chest with his hands and started
squeezing. It was painful, so I stopped the recital. He asked why I stopped and I told him.He said he was sorry. Still wondering how to react to him, I heard my name. It sounded
like Adetutu’s voice and I was about responding to her call when he covered my mouth,
lifted me off his laps and told me never to tell anyone. He said people, including my
sisters, would beat me if I ever told them what happened. I nodded in fear. He stood,
faced the wall to adjust his trouser, carried my brother, and opened the door.

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