Enough is enough : Successful Women support Each Other - Collette Orji

Enough with the lies: Successful Women support Each Other! As women, we have been fooled and lied to for so long. We always think another woman is the enemy.

Let Collette Orji, Mrs. CocoWonder redefine this for you! Quote me anywhere '' Successful Women support one another, only Broke women don't support each other''

You see, poverty is a serious problem. You have to understand that poverty is defined also as '' the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount''

If you are a single man, and you working so hard to solicit & have sex or even take away another's man's wife or your friend's wife from him - you are so poor! It is the poverty in you that's misleading you.

As a single woman, you work & plan your way just on how to solicit another woman's husband or your friend's husband - you are so poor! It's the poverty in you that's aiding you.

You see! Successful people build up. Their minds are rich. Their characters are garnished. They value ka out and hard work and growing up.

Supporting each other does not mean BEING FRIENDS! It means they know how awesome & erroneous and tough and faithful the other successful people must be working, to be attaining all they are achieving. They mind their business when they pass through, because you see - part of success is MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Succesful folks respect each other's hustle. They understand the value of character and hard work.
 Even when they don't know you, are not your friends, don't even care about your business type or use your product, but guess what, they respect others' hustle.

Don't be the stumbling block in another person pathway or journey - Not because God will punish you or fight for you as some religious 'stupid' people will prefer me to say - Hell No!!! Only because, successful people are watered seeds planted in fertile grounds in perfect seasons- they don't die, they just don't. Like rich seeds that they are they Sprout AGAIN! They rise.

Look around you! Read on the most successful people's stories you know!!! You will be inspired.

Success is not exactly money for those of you who are too daft to read & understand.
Especially when you start referring to the political thieves & stray women of sugar daddies of stray men of sugar mummies.

Don't misunderstand me, success is not an empty feeling!!! Success feeds a purpose, a generation. Successful fills your stomach & grants you peace.

When you read this article, you smile, you get empowered. You reset your brain. You make a decision to be successful and beautiful. I am successful in my whole being because I know deep in me - I just gave a nation Orgasm, lasting fruitful long lasting meaningful orgasm. That's me be happy: I've encouraged you. Now that's success!!!

I am still in my birthday festive mood, but my mind explodes inside the shower daily ... may you be successful, may you work hard, empower yourselves, get out of your comfort zone & add meaning to this life that you have and may the good August month FALL on you.

Thank you so much for reading...#ToMoreThanICanBešŸ‘šŸ¾

Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji.

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