Ema Ugolee talks about his kidney failure..

Veteran broadcaster and 'king of talk shows', Emma Ugolee who is suffering from kidney failure took to his Instagram to thank all those who supported him and stated four solid reasons why he almost lost hope!

He also stated reasons why he didn't give up! He wrote:
The height of this hospital building reminds me of the height of the 4 walls I confronted with the decision to have the transplant in the US after I had lost so many to going to India.

1) The dollar had never been this high in my countries history. Never

2) Access to the US has never been such a difficult task and globally topical issue

3) Medical care has never been so expensive in America. Its insane

4) My test results and medical complications have never been so bad, my doctor feared I couldn't take 14 straight hours of pressurised air flying
What a time to go to America for health reasons.
I had 4 solid reasons to loose hope but my reasons for faith in God out numbered them. So I chose to ask God for help and He gave me 4 amazing answers. .

1) He gave me an unusual will to keep going. Refueling daily positively beyond my comprehension .

2) He gave me a physical body that won't shut down and unusual strength to act normal

3) He gave me the most supportive family and friends ever and then

4) He gave me YOU!!

Yes You! You who probably have never met me but put your hands in your pocket for my sake. You who types on your phone, words to keep me going. You who have not kept me out of prayers. You who have asked for my numbers and kept a more personal tab on me. .
While thanking Him for all of his answers, I get teary eyed when I get to your part because it is hard to comprehend how you can get so personal about wanting to see me live when I have barely done a thing for you. You have thought me "giving" beyond what I knew it to be. I pray that He hears me and pays you back with the intensity with which I ask Him to. .

For being there for me in this world where human affection is buried daily and so many do not wish fellow men well. For caring for me sincerely. For reaching out to me. For contributing financially to my course. Please do not reject this heart felt "Thank You" . Its all I have but its from a very deep place. Please accept it. I am here now against all the odds. Thank you and God bless you.

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