Collette Orji - ***You Won't Die If You Don't Release Birthday, Anniversary, Pre- Wedding, Baby Shower Pictures Or Write Lengthy Post - FREE YOURSELVES MY WONDERS***

I've been in this world for a very long time & I've been fighting with society all my life Till Over a decade ago. I've been Bullshitting Society & Living my life on my own terms. I've Never Felt Better!

Then, In February Of 2016, I experienced the biggest Bullshit Life can throw at you - The death & Demise of My Mother. Then Like the beautiful decent sunlight of Houston Today after #HurricaneHarvey, I received the 'Common Sense' Of Life.

Every Sense, word, time that my Mother Caroline Orji ever shared with me entered my spirit and renewed me and Told me Something Too Valuable. The Spirit of Happiness then started Reigning in my life and since then - I understand - My Life, my future, my happiness, my sadness, my progress, my health, everything I am IS IN MY HANDS and comes from within!

Women are on a constant Panic before any important dates in their lives now. You need to see how much they spend just to please the world on Birthday pictures.
Been there, done that and Bullshit it.

There's this rise in competition, there's this unrest among females and even some males.
Oh! You haven't released pictures, and also as a blogger, I see the panic.

They do anything to make sure they outdo or definitely release some kind of photo shoot to PLEASE SOCIETY. As You all know, my birthday was on the 10th of August, a few weeks ago, and because I NOW LIVE MY LIFE FOR MYSELF and because I needed, not wanted, but needed to be an example to any of my friends or wonders out-there who maybe:

 - Don't have money to do a whole photo shoot

- Don't feel like doing it and having mixed feelings

- Don't feel beautiful or rich enough at that time

-Just wish that their birthday/wedding/baby shower can really pass quietly without too much attention.

 - For whatever reason you chose... I AM HERE TO TELL YOU IT IS OKAY.

Whatever, however you chose to live your life, celebrate your anniversary, noisily, quietly, partying, just anyhow, and anyway you chose to celebrate it is Right and okay. Refuse to be controlled by society or bullshit competitive friends - Send them out of your life.


Thanks for reading...#TomoreThanIcanEverBe

 Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji✌🏽

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