Collette Orji - You Are Better Than 100% Of Those Who See VISIONS For You...Propaganda!!!

When I returned to Nigeria at 18, Everyone around me was a prayer warrior. All the cousins, aunties, sisters, uncles - They were all prayer warriors and ''Visioners'' YET...Nothing about their lives was worthy of emulation.

Most of them, if not all were just confused people blinded by many years of cheap and obtuse culture and tradition soaked in societal Colloquium and shy of progress.

They were simply people who have been told only one thing -  Behave well as a woman so that you can marry a man who will take care of you as a man to work hard so you can be able to take care of your wife and kids.

That's the Fulcrum of their entire wisdom. And this wisdom - Never sat down well with me so for that reason, Obviously... I was the girl who just does not Listen and obey.

Nne, They would scream, how can you sit down with men an debate with them? Don't you know that you are a woman and you are supposed to be under a man? It is not right to wear trousers, cross your legs and debate with men, They will give you a bad name, oh, and you won't be able to find a husband? I HEARD THIS OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!! Needless to say, It made me furious because first and foremost i'm an only daughte and i was raised with only MEN, How does debating with men make me 'unmarriageble'

Then, they graduated from this to VISIONS!

They started SEEING visions for me and themselves. I use to laugh so loud.

The pastors see Vision for you, they take your money on top of the vision and better their lives.

The older people and cousins who see Vision for you still need you to assist them with daily money or all the time money.

The prayer warriors who see Vision for you still need your money to survive and even see more vision for you.

Every time they see a vision for you, they are insulting you of what you have not achieved, reminding you of the past you have walked away from or being Plain daft Scammers, Dull and Holding you down to their level of Stupidity.

I cannot Stand DULL PEOPLE!!! They make you unable to re-enact orgasm!

As the years went by, All these people who use to see Vision for themselves and for me WANTED to become more like me EVERYDAY.

They started trying to copy, imitate, and act like me. They even started dressing like me and talking like me. As they grew up more, went to schools, universities, traveled, To my greatest surprise they even started confessing to me how they were just MUMU....

People always tag you with unworthy names because YOU ARE DIFFERENT! Dare to be different, because you see, There is only one you in this world today and we are all united in our differences.

Thank You For reading...#YesCanShare

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