Collette Orji - The Pains And Inaccuracy Of Igbo 'Facebook' Single Women Especially...

There are a few things I've come to know, experience and largely participate. I talk with so many women, and every time it has to be some woman from Nigeria, we cannot disagree that, we discuss marriages and relationships and Happiness.

Most unmarried igbo women will give away their left foot to be married. They will do the necessary to be a married woman. Most Times, those who have not been able to find a suitable husband will be acting like husband 'FULL EVERYWHERE'. They are lying!!! Don't mind them and don't listen to that bullcrap. They will do so much nonsense to finally get married. They can't even understand why the multitude of men they chat with regularly are assholes.

They will hide under the shade of I'm a beautiful woman, and I can do anything I want and there are men trailing men from every angle and they can't believe the truth. The truth is most men are just so USELESS! These women have worked so hard for themselves and will do what it takes to keep a healthy relationship and just so unfortunate, most parents have raised assholes in the name of sons and men. This is an unfortunate situation!

I have come to one final realization: No matter how well versed you are as a nurse or midwife, If you are not a mother there's something about MOTHERHOOD you just don't know and can't feel.
If you like be the Madame Doctor.

This is the same thing with marriage - As long as you ARE NOT MARRIED, there are this advice or feeling that you will never have thereby, absolutely unable to dish any form of advice in that 'SPECIFIC' regard.

We all seem to understand our loneliness yet never learn anything from it. Most times, single women are very very INACCURATE just like most women who ain't MOTHERS BY BIOLOGY make so many INACCURATE mistakes.

My dad usually said - 'Rich people don't make mistakes', But we understand what he meant and what he was referring to whenever he said that. Does that mean that statement is grossly true in every sphere? Hell No, but specifically, we knew what he meant.

Married women do so much to keep it together. Something unmarried women will NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND!!!

Unmarried women will do whatever it takes within their scopes to be married, but to 'find man first of all na WAHALA,' Because agree or disagree, we have too many blockhead assholes Nigerian men both home and in diaspora,
This has reduced the chances of finally picking one good man.

Just like married women think they know it all and feel they are the ones to dish out advice to the singles, that's exactly how Unmarried women feel that their advice is highly unsolicited for because they are Unmarried - and guess what!!! EVERYONE IS RIGHT!!!

How much advice can a single woman really give you a married woman? How much advice can one who is not a mother really give a mother? How much advice can a really poor man really give a very wealthy man? How much advice can Nigeria really give America?

Anyone can advise anyone? But who will you take seriously? Most of our parents' marriages won't thrive in today's world. We all learn every day and we ought to apply what we learn and do better each day as well. I listened to my mother about marriage a lot of times, Yet, I always know there are things in her marriage then that I wouldn't practice.

Everyone, black, white, poor, rich, cute, ugly, married, divorced, single, will definitely love to get advice from someone that has a little more experience, or know a little more, or just has more practical knowledge of any topic and that is indeed WISDOM!

The way married women feel when these issues come up is directly proportional to the way unmarried women feel. No one is not more important, these are not cases of importance, its reality, and practicality. You want to marry, Own it and search for it. Attempting to make the married feel less awesome is just Plain unaccepted inner disdain.


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