“Cameroonian actors are not bankable” – Ivan Namme gets candid

Cameroonian actor and film maker, Ivan Namme says the reason why filmmakers turn to cast foreign actors is that Cameroonian actors are not very bankable. Oops!

Ivan Namme says Cameroonian film producers have to make a profit from films and using local actors’ faces on movie covers or as leads doesn’t seem too profitable. The very popular and respected film maker shared his candid opinion in an exclusive interview with the international journalist, Eyong Blaise Okie claiming producers can’t collect huge loans from banks to produce films with solely Cameroonian actors.

 Instead, it is better to cross over to neighboring Nigeria or Ghana and get actors aka “Bankable faces” who can help sell those films. Namme adds that unlike Cameroon, Nigerians love to see their actors faces, which motivates them to consume their own products. Hence, their film producers stand a better chance at making money out of the film than Cameroonian producers.

Namme only joins a large crowd of other creative minds in the country who hold the same view.

Now, the questions are: Who is to make Cameroonians consume and fall in love with their own products and how long will it take for Cameroonian actors to get “bankable”?


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