Actress Tonto Dikeh Sets To Open Her Church, A future On The Pulpit and Remarry...

Tonto Dikeh was a guest at the unveiling ceremony of the 2017 African Children Talent Discovery Foundation, Unleash Your Talent and Premium Times met with the mother of one, who opened up about finding God and love again. 

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PT: What is the main focus of your foundation?

Tonto: My foundation is very broad and when I was starting out, the focus was domestic violence, rape victims and physically abused women.  But right now, being a mother and an advocate for God just broadens my purview.  So my foundation is down for anything that will make the woman race better for it.

PT: How is your foundation funded?

 Tonto: Like I said earlier, the Tonto Dikeh Foundation is a big one. So, we have sponsors and people who key into our vision and run with us.

PT: Does this mean that your acting career has taken the back seat?

Tonto: I was off the scene for a long time but I retuned with a bang. I stared in a yet to be released film titled Celebrity Marriage and it will be out soon. I’m all fired up because I’m involved in the movie. I don’t want to be involved in the acting like I used to be in the past.

PT: Can you please shed more light on this?

Tonto: I have shot a film in a day, in the past but not any longer. I’m not looking for popularity so I am just trying to stay relevant by starring in very few quality movies. My family proposes that I shoot five quality movies in a year. I think three good movies in a year is fair enough. And that is what I have been looking for. That way, I can have time for my child and other people because I’m not just a mother of one but I am a mother of nations.
PT: What is the secret behind your new glow?

Tonto: Well, firstly I am born again and when you have God, you just radiate. So all the glow is from within; you don’t fake God’s glow. You also can’t fake God’s glory because it overwhelms you. I don’t know how to say what I want to say but when God steps into a situation or your life he elevates you and makes you see things in a different light. So, the glow you see is all God. I am a radical for Christ.

PT: Do you plan to set up a church or become an evangelist?

Tonto: Yes I will, before I became an entertainer I was close to becoming an evangelist but I backslid. But not to say anything, I am back with God. I don’t know where God is taking me to. But if it is the pulpit, I am ready.

PT: Following your new status as a child of God, will you remarry or reconcile with your estranged husband?

Tonto: Love is a beautiful thing and love is exquisite. So, of course, I will remarry once I find true love.

coco's note:
Im preparing my own church.

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