Actress and Pastor Eucharia Anunobi talks on how Christian couple can enjoy sex.

Nollywood actress turned evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi who has turned her social media pages to a channel that she uses disseminate the word of God to her fans and followers has delivered her first sermon for the month of August where she charges Christians to pray and open their inner man up so they can live a more fulfilling life.

The Star of “glamor girls” and Abuja Connection” says there is no need to stay on a job when you have nothing to show for it ‘if you are working somewhere and there is nothing to show for it, why are you still there?
The Lady Evangelist touched on romance and Christianity when she wrote “you are in a relationship for three months and you cannot tell if it is leading to marriage what are you still doing there?” and you are in a church and you cannot comfortably say you are growing to know Jesus better , why are you still marking time.”

The issue of sexuality in Christian marriages is always a hot topic with high profile adultery cases making their way to the media once in a while. Eucharia offered couples a solution that will prevent cheating. Her solution, “you are married, you feel your husband or wife is not romantic, instead of complaining call your spouse and talk things over, teach each other what and how you like it. Instead of getting involved in an illicit relationship”. Her sermon concluded.

Eucharia was officially ordained an evangelist on Sunday, 5 February 2012, at the Fresh Oil Ministry International, Egbeda Lagos by Pastor Psalm Okpe.

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