IFY ARINZE - True Life Story !!! - Mother, Sister in Law and Two Kids all Dead ...Went To bed and did not wake up...

my friend Ify Arinze, an actress, songstress and a very strong hard working woman, lost her mother, brother's wife Amara, and two kids a week today. All of them slept and didn't wake up.

This is her mother, her brother's wife, and the two kids. Her mother went to do Omugwo in the brother's wife three weeks ago, all 4 of them are corpses now. Ify, my good friend, shared the message below on social media....I 'M STILL SHAKING!!!

Here is what Ify wrote:

it's so difficult to think, eat, talk or even breath! Even the strength to pray have also deserted me.
I and my brother need ur prayers cause am drained of everything!

 Exactly one week today! I lost my mother, my brother's wife, and his two kids, in one day and one place! They went to bed and didn't wake up!

They said they were poisoned! My mother only went for omugwo, she walked into my brother's house with her two legs, alive and healthy and three weeks later, she was carried out as a corpse alongside the child she came to do omugwo for!

Now I have to bury 4 members of my family at once! Only God can heal my brother and I am not strong enough to even comfort him at this time, cause I can barely pick my own pieces! please remember us in ur prayers! Cause words have failed us this time!

We can't ask why us, or why our family! Cause the Truth is nobody, absolutely no one deserves this amount of pains! I hope and pray we find our way back to normalcy after all of this! Cause this is the kind of pain that changes a being forever! Farewell to my Mother, the womb that carried me!

 The one that nurtured me, Farewell to my sister in law,(Amara) Farewell to my niece (Chisimdi) and Farewell to my nephew who was barely 2 months old( Chimeremeze)... they said we can't question God! But my heart is full with questions!!!

coco's note:
Words just fail me....Please, I'm still thinking how to handle this information myself!

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