TI Emotional Birthday Message to TINY - I remember for a long time we couldn't even spend a day apart from one another we were so emotionally connected.

Despite the controversy trailing TI and Tiny... TI took his time out to rain praises to his estranged partner tiny on her birthday...

Happy Gday to my beautiful lovely lil loud mouth, argumentative know it all, shit kickin, Cap ass Southside Patna. @majorgirl As a couple, We've experienced some of the greatest moments in our lives together & burnt a hole in a bunch of big bags of money, in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And while I may have fucked up & still have so many more fuck ups in me on so many levels, one thing that's never gon change is how I consider you.... You are, have been,& always will be one of the Best Friends I have in the world. We've done just about all there is to do, good & bad. 

I remember for a long time we couldn't even spend a day apart from one another we were so emotionally connected. Then we were forced to "do time" apart back to back.(That shit sucked huh?) Then we popped back up on they ass and showed the world how cool raising kids could be on Family Hustle. While that may have put a few million more people than we'd like in our personal intimate business, it also became an example for so many who didn't have one in the areas of parenting, family & marriage in HipHop.... That's some real stand up shit to be proud of. We have 7 amazing kids who all have enough skills, smarts, talent and ability to take care of us in our old age....Now That's awesome!!! And while most of these nosey, no business having,overly-opinionated, fake caring ass people would see it as a break-up... I see it differently. In my eyes, we didn't break up, we EVOLVED into something unconditional. A relationship that supersedes fidelity, physical presence, or any other disagreement we may have faced. What we have is stronger than the bullshit & for that I'm thankful. We've taught each other things that'll allow us to continue to raise hell & kick shit for many many moons. Keep pressing your line & polishing your shine Mrs.H... Enjoy this day that's a celebration of the day the Lord gave the US You!!! Kick Big Shit Fa That!!!! With Eternal Love Respect & Admiration, 👑Tip👑BIG Daddy👑King Sr👑Mr. Harris. #HappyBirthdayMrsH

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