*** I don't Know about ABORTIONS being A Sin Or Not...Please Find out If It Is Legal/ Illegal In the Country You ARE!***

Dear Cocowonder,
I am in a crazy dilemma now. I know you may wanna curse me out and all that but I don' care about that right now. I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I can't even begin to explain how all of this happened. The guy was staying in our hotel and I don't even know what to do because I think he is married sef.

I don't have access to him anymore but Coco even, if I do, what am I even going to tell him? that I am pregnant for him or what?

Coco; What do you want me to do?

Anonymous: I need to terminate this pregnancy Coco, I cannot keep it. How much do I even earn, how much do I really make, with everything on my head, where do I even start, Oh, God will punish me if I do Abortion oh, coco I am dead oh.

Coco: I don't know about that. I only know about abortion being legal or illegal. If the country you live in says abortion is legal by law, then it's legal..period. By the way, why are you crying...was the sex not sweet...You even carry Belle with one touch...Why don't you consider keeping the pregnancy? I mean, You do have a job, right?

Anonymous: I do, but I don't need this right now. I will be careful in future but I don't need this now. No, I don't. I will check the hospitals tomorrow, this is Portugal, life here is different

coco: Goodluck! It's your decision you know. Be careful and protect yourself from things like this. Condoms don't prevent only pregnancies, they prevent venereal diseases too. You cannot let your self-go through this kind of relevant stress from a one night stand. Dont you women get it? How dare you always at the receiving end of the stick? when will this kind of life end

Anonymous: Coco, please, I already reset my brain before talking to you. I just wanted to talk to someone.

Coco: Do you want this on my blog and post.

Anonymous: That's fine, please post it... Hide my identity and I will read. Good night Coco and keep up your good work

Coco: You are welcome...Be safe out there!!!

coco's note: My Interaction with a cocowonderblog visitor and she ask me to post.

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