Dump the traditional list and dowry Far away from your lives...Make your lives easy for yourselves & your Daughters - Collette Orji

Dump the traditional list and dowry Far away from your lives. You can keep singing it's a symbol and just symbol till tomorrow you are fooling yourselves.  Make your lives easy for yourselves & your Daughters. Renew your minds & Enjoy Peace***

I will explain just two things to let you know what you have been doing and how We Have Already Dumped it.

 1. The man comes with his family ( in Igbo land), request the hands of their daughter in marriage. The traditional list and items of the things he 'must get' before BUYING the woman OFF are given to him including nonsensical nonsenses stuffs like  Snuff, cigarettes ( Igbo born agains hear me out), and even the money he has to put in envelopes and spread amongst uncles that you don't even know.  soaps and the salts. Etc.

 The woman carries the palm wine, goes down on her knees and give the supposed husband to drink ( Slavery), they clap for her and he adds more money in the palm wine glass and returns. The man brings the entire items on the list and when he is done, the woman follows him to his house.  You move into his house and you don't want to kneel again to give him food? Are you mad!!!

 He paid for you and did beautiful negotiations and now you don't want to worship your master again? You did it publicly before why are you now refusing to do it privately in the house.

 2. People have ditched this nonsense already and are ditching it every day. Now, girls and boys get married in absence. The man and woman who are already living together and have 3 kids just sit there in London and send money for people in Africa to do their tradition kinds of stuff.

They don't even bother coming anymore. Hahahahahahaha.  Women have even gotten married to the man's pictures, the man's brother, and some men have gotten married to the woman's sister or friend. Hahahhahahahahahahaha. Now, this is how much the almighty tradition you all thought was unbreakable has been brought to its knees by the same civilization. Hahahahahahaha.

 If you want to marry Biko, which by that time the family knows both of you. Fix your court wedding date and invite your parents and family. Save money and enjoy your marriage. I would have said, go do your wedding in church but I am aware the churches don't WED you till you do the village kinds of stuff. LOL( church my ***)

 Getting married should not be a project that gives men sleepless nights thinking about how to raise money.  And you that lets a man spend all his hard earned money before he can marry you

REMEMBER you have been bought at a price and you are his slave and he has paid fully for you. You must obey and worship your master and you are Not Entitled to an Opinion.

 **** Take your religious bible quotations out of my page please, I do not talk to the simple and average and unlearned or redundant consumer minds*****

 Thanks for reading...#ToMoreThanICanBe✌🏽

Allrights reserved ©, Collette Orji, 2018

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