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Found in the highland areas of the Northwest Region of Cameroon (Bamenda), are a group of people known mostly as the Bororo’s. They are mostly nomads, their lifestyle in some quarters is a source of envy and their attachment to culture and religion is a marvel for admiration. Our Field technicians in
Cameroon visited the Bororo people of Jakiri and this is what they found out.

 The Bororo communities are growing and are becoming less nomadic, as bigger pockets of Bororo settlements do occur in the hills of the highland region of Cameroon. With settlement comes a need to organize communities with defined structures. Absent of these structures to ascertain basic needs and services will keep the populace in abject poverty.

The need for basic hygiene and sanitation services, education tools and education facilities, water supply and electrification are all basic needs that arises when our technicians contacted the communities. While we await a planned follow up with our head office and the community leader

Ardo Manjong to assess the needs of the Bororo communities, it is in line with the goals and objectives of COMPASUDA to promote education, Healthy lifestyles, health education, and Community infrastructural development that we have seriously embarked on this project.

We encourage other communities in Sub Saharan Africa to think out of the box and not wait for the government to improve the lifestyle of the people. COMPASUDA is here to establish a connection between the truth of poverty and the lives it destroys because of lack of education or capacity

Why is development an issue and in Africa? The case study by COMPASUDA is to help to alleviate poverty, the lack of CAPACITY in Cameroon. For many years now despite the abundance of resources in Africa, despite the many millions of dollar spent, development is still the major issue in Africa. And  COMPASUDA is on a mission to proof that with adequate  capacity building we can transform the African story.

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  1. What a great initiative hope more Afro communities are able to follow up

  2. What a great initiative hope more Afro communities are able to follow up


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