Collette Orji - Why Do ' ABROAD HUSBANDS ' want their wives to give them their Paychecks?

I received the 911 audio of the igbo man who killed his wife in Texas State because she is now a nurse and refuses to give him her paycheck anymore.

From the audio, you will notice, she must have been giving him her paychecks before, maybe but she found out that she can't continue, of course we know he must have abused it and that in itself is SLAVERY BY ALL MEANS. Don't ask people to do things for you which you can't do for them!

Tell igbo women to have sex before marriage -  they will quote bible for you!

Tell igbo women to discuss finances before marriage - they will quote the bible to you and waste your brain with submission!

Tell these igbo women to ask necessary life questions before marriage -  they will quote bible for you and say God will provide!

Tell these igbo women to spend quality time with their lovers before marriage - they will quote bible for you and make you dull.

The Abridged Audio is ( here

 Tell these mothers to stop forcing their daughters to marry strangers - they will tell you that's how they did theirs in their time -  WE ARE NO MORE IN OUR PARENTS TIME.


Here in America, most igbo women are slaves to their husbands. The husbands are kinds, Gods, Lords, and Final. These men went to the villages to marry from the poorest communities, sponsored their wives and brought them over to the states, forced them to do nursing, which is, of course, a lucrative job in the western world and becomes slaves to these men. These women become slaves working for their husbands. I can assure you two out of five marriages of these men who bring in their wives from Africa, the marriages pack up here like a wrecking ball.

The desperation of NO HUSBAND has made most igbo women to become an item dictionary is still looking for words to use in describing them. It is so sad what life is becoming daily. Women!!!!! Women!!!! Women!!!! Please, empower your selves and stop being freaking Too Greedy.

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