Collette Orji - *Most Nigerian Females are sexually experienced by 23...Don't worry, I must have been younger than that...Don't Bother Cursing me, That's Too Old Fashioned!

I'm using females, cause it will be easier to find a 25-year-old inexperienced male than a 23 years old female in Nigeria. In this western world, Count it a miracle if you find 16 years old without sexual encounters.
Well, let me go to the content of this article. Your wife today has had multiple sex partners before you. Your husband today must have had multiple sexual partners before you. That your husband thats your best thing ever must have begged some woman on and on and on and she didn't even need to rethink her negative affirmation and your wife that is your super queen today must have loved some other man so much that she couldn't understand while it wasn't always mutual or stayed together forever.

So, take a chill pill and get with the trend. Every woman right now is some man's sloppy second and every man of age you see now is some woman's sloppy second or even 10th.

This is the world today! It is what it is. I know how important our parents instill in us all the best and how we should go about life, but you see, no one's parents have actually taught them how to have sex. You will learn that one on your own. What matters is what you do after you've committed yourself to your partner.

Move onwards respectfully because, there will be distractions at all point and everywhere, especially in this age and time of easy access via social media.

A woman is married does not mean that she's not looking for an available man(married or not) to cheat with. A man is married does not mean that he is not looking for an available woman(married or not) to cheat with. Just make yourself available and those things you promised your partner and swore on would become mere words, empty chorus -After all, Talk is Cheap.

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