Collette Orji - Married Women/Men And Side-Chick/Side-Boos (LaSexy)... The Struggle Is Real...

I hope I will be able to finish this article today...Every time I start it, I save it in my draft.

There's a real situation going on about the wives and the side chick. Let's call the side-chics LaSexy.

It's almost impossible to go through the unmarried single phase in Nigeria without being guilty of having had sex with a married man, another woman's husband. It's almost impossible to be 26, unmarried, and free from this Disaster in Nigeria.

 ( I love using Nigeria & Igbo, I'm Not unaware of the rest of the world please So Save Your Lectures).

Wives are going through so much pain from these actions of their husbands and la sexy.

Women in Nigeria have finally even concluded that it's okay, permitted and allowed. I say this with respect to the actions they take, they are so tired of this emotional and mental and physical insult and abuse that, wives just focus on the kids in Nigeria in order to live long or die too early from their philandering husbands.

Something I noticed when I was unmarried was that Most wives are smarter than they look, even more than their partners give them credit for.
For every married man who sent me inappropriate messages and tried to lead that line of conversations, their wives always got a hold of my number and contacted me behind their husbands.

This happened to some of my friends too. My friends always showed me messages from maybe their bosses wife or some married men they were 'casually' communicating with irrespective of having sex with him or not.

We always talked about it those days. So, you see, most women have that 'GUT' feeling and women are more protective of their environments than men and wives have ended more inappropriate relationships and communications with their husband's inappropriate so called casual friends than the husbands will ever do. Women are so relentless.

When you are unmarried, or maybe a LaSexy, it's easier to flip your mouth and say things like If the woman does not hold her husband well by maybe being clean, sexy, or a slay queen or get back in shape after child - birth, or maybe she's having insecurity issues.

Yeah! I've been there. It's easier to say those things than look at yourselves in the mirror... Take a look at what is and forget Drama.

When a LasexyLeboo is having sex with a married man/woman, the man/woman fills her with so many stories. If the wife/husband ever contacts her/him, she /him always feels the wife/husband is insecure.

I've had girlfriends and Lasexys and they can all tell you this, They know what I'm talking about. Whenever they became grownups, they felt bad about it and looked in the mirror and understood the reverse is true. The Only Reason, You are having both inappropriate conversations with another man's wife or another woman's husband is because YOU ARE INSECURE, BORED, IDLE, LOW SELF ESTEEM AND LOOSE. It's a reverse psychology!

Be it, men who sleep with married women and Lasexy for money or women who sleep with married men and Lasexy for money, They all think it's money but they do it for the same reason, Low self-esteem, Love-Void, Idle, bored, Loose, insecure and societal Peer - pressure.

I've seen wives rudely and violently attack Lasexys, I've seen Husband's rudely and violently attack LeBoo's, and I've seen the public opinion court say if it's good and if it were them, they would have done more.

I am asking today, Are You Aware that Violence is a crime irrespective of if it was a lasexy versus a husband issue or a Leboo versus a wife issue? Violence is Violence and you will be prosecuted if you harm someone because of these issues. So, be very careful how you handle your communications if you must talk to a Lasexy or a LeBoo.

When Lasexy and Leboo and unmarried men and women hold meetings to say, you should talk to your husband rather than talking to Lasexy or you should talk to your wife rather than talking to LeBoo - Do you think it's possible to address one without the other? Do you think it's possible to talk to Lasexy without talking to the husband?

Mothers will go to school to report the offense of another child on their child, they will report every act of bullying to the school authority and sometimes they call the other kids parents in school and have conversations, does that mean, they do not also talk to their kids.

When you are a child, You do childish things and when you become an adult, you do Grown up things. Grown up things means one word - RESPONSIBILITY.

It's not a crime for two grown up adults to chose to have sex. Whether it is lasexy and a husband or leboo and a married woman, two adults can consent and have sex. As a wife or husband, the least you can do is have civil conversations when you can or leave if the heat is too much and unbearable for you. Don't go fighting physically in public like loose cows over men/women.

To the lasexy/leboo - what you sow is what you shall reap.
To the Wife/husband - As You MAKE your bed, so shall you lie on it.

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