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It Takes a village to raise, a child. This statement is mostly true especially in Africa and well, we can't really dispute the basic ideology centralizing this statement.

Something struck my mind during my conversation with my wonders in my private group today and because I am a wonder, I make News & beautiful stories from anything.

 Growing up as a child those days in my street was fun but TOUGH! As a child, you belong to every mother, adult, grown up person. You practically belong to them. They can send you wherever, when they want, how they want and they could even punish you for not going without your parent's sanction. Every child was owned by every other mother on the streets. That's how we roll....Well, except me! I was obviously called STUBBORN!

 By the time I was about 8 years old, I had a RULE. Anything that I couldn't do for my mother, I sure as hell wasn't gonna do it for any other mother within the streets ANYMORE!!! I made that rule a law and I carried it very well, except I really LIKE YOU maybe.

 Nne, run to mama Nnenna's house and remind her she has to make my hair today, My mother would say and your's 'little stubborn Coco' will be like ...OH OH OH, I JUST CAME BACK NOW NOW FROM MAMA ADAMMA'S HOUSE, you should have told me to do the two at once. My mom will say, I didn't even remember they live in the same place, go na, go before it's late. I will be dragging my legs, forgetting those were her good days cause if she meant business, One shout and I will be half way to mama Nnenna's place. Hahahahahhahahahaha.

And some neighbors mother said, Nne, please get me a packet of sugar from Mr. Sebastien while coming, Hmmm, those were good days, once I'm finally going for one, I go for everyone and with smiles too.  Let's rush to the 'OTHER' days.

 Nne, drop your school bag, run to your dad's shop and bring the bags I dropped there. My mum will say, and there I go... Oh OH OH OH OH OH oH...I AM NOT GOING THERE AGAIN TODAY, they will bring it when they close na, I've passed there today more than 3 times. While I'm still there trying to run my mouth, she comes handy, ready to help me shut my mouth and off I go. I run off and start looking for any kids that may be playing somewhere to join them.

Then, some other mum around the streets will see me lurking around like a motherless, fatherless child and they will be like, Yes, NNE, Thank God, I was looking for who to send, please help me go to Aunty ........I won't even let them finish.  I AM NOT GOING!

This mother will be like, NNE please na, it's just here please, and I repeat, ...I say I am not going ooooh ooooh.
Why na NNE, I will buy you biscuits..., And I RESPONDED, I am not going, my mother sent me to my dad's shop and I refused to go, why do you think I will go your own!

End of story!!! Those mothers knew when to hands off me. She will just walk her way and look for a willing child. They would talk about this all the time and some even reminded me the last time I visited. It was so funny and just seeing these awesome mothers again and again just makes you understand how far you may have truly come. Hahahhahahahahahaha .

Let me get down to a few reasons why I decided to finally put this story into words.

Most People Just Don't know how To Live At All. They buy one dress for so much money, they lock it up in the closet waiting for a particular occasion, maybe one day out of 365 days in a year, take multiple photos with it and lock it back in the closet waiting for another special occasion.

Same thing with shoes, cars, bedspreads, furniture, and even underwears.
They keep everything waiting for special occasions. I am here to tell you that EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE IS A SPECIAL OCCSAAION...YES! EVERYDAY IS SPECIAL.

Please, Live, live your life and enjoy your life. No one really really cares. Whatever it is that happens today becomes history in just 24 hours and Life Just Goes On.

-Women will buy and keep make-ups for years and for special occasions.
-Shoes for only special occasions. They end up wearing that shoe just once a year because it's too special.
-Perfumes they wear just on special days.
-They change their bed sheets only on special days and use one for one year when nothing special happens.
-The take pictures Only on special days.
-So many people have crowded their lives with things they have no use of in 364 days. They only have use for it one day out of 365 days!!! What a bondage. And they have problems with those who are living and enjoying their lives as if, there's a law against enjoyment.

If I don't eat snails, if you like prepare it for me in the Hilton, I don't eat snails. Not because I can't change my minds, but because when im allowed to practice free will and choice, my answer will be No! What I don't do for myself, what I cannot afford, I cannot afford. It is that simple.

Enjoy your life, Today is a special occasion, wear beautiful lingeries just because you love them and remember YOU Only Live Once, and If You Do It Right, ONCE IS ENOUGH! 

Thank You So much For Reading...Sharing...I appreciate. 

Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji,2017

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